Volume 4 Number 1     Volume 4 Number 1

The Editor's Page (editorial) - Robert A.W. Lowndes

This is the best of RAWL, being comments and advice to new writers.

The Red Witch - Nictzin Dyalhis

How the scientist Randall Crone became conscious of his ancient life in an ice-age tribe as an impetuous young warrior, Ron Kron, and how that ancient drama intruded upon his modern existence when the evil Athak came forward in time to assault his ancient enemy.

The Last Letter From Norman Underwood - Larry Eugene Meredith

Suspicions of a werewolf in the neighborhood can lead to the carrying of a special gun with its special bullet.

The Jewels of Vishnu - Harriet Bennett

The treasure of the powerful one has the protection of man's fears, the blue lotus, and unknown phantom pursuers of those who are tempted to plunder booty that does not belong to them.

The Man From Cincinnati - Holloway Horn

We all know the man before he has concluded his business with the eleventh baronet of Balcombes.

Ground Afire - Anna Hunger

The seductress in the style of a black widow despatches her lovers only to breed.

The Wind in the Rose-Bush - Mary Wilkins-Freeman

Why can a bush shake as if in a breeze when there is no wind? What is the shadow that passes the window when there is no one there?

The Last of Placide's Wife - Kirk Mashburn

There is a suspicion of a woman who comes out of her grave to prey upon the living after sundown.

The Years Are As a Knife (verse) - Robert E. Howard

"I am an ant that spins across the world,
By heedless winds dismembered, flung and hurled."


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