Volume 3 Number 6     Volume 3 Number 6

In Amundsen's Tent - John Martin Leahy

Even the South Pole can disguise its mysteries, and with its isolation, it can guard the activities of terrors not of this world.

Transient and Immortal - Jim Haught

The soul of a man and warlock travel through time from life to life, seemingly immortal.

Out of the Deep - Robert E. Howard

Demons from the deep may want to inhabit a human corpse, given half the chance, whereupon their newly re-animated victim causes havoc for all encountered.

The Bibliophile - Thomas Boyd

A true book collector covers his volumes in material that is most apt to the subject, no matter how unlikely or immoral.

The Ultimate Creature - R.A. Lafferty

When the meanest man seeks the most beautiful woman at the farthest reaches of the Galaxy, matrimony is in the works soon to be followed by the breeding of minions of delightful children.

Wolves of Darkness - Jack Williamson

The wanderings of the wolves of night may have been the cause of the disappearances, but as they have been accompanied by a strange wild girl, their notoriety has preceding their arrival.


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