Volume 3 Number 5     Volume 3 Number 5

A Sense of Crawling - Robert Edmond Alter

Under attack, a man can exceed the bounds of his own self-defined limitations.

The Laughing Duke - Wallace West

It sometimes takes the spirit of an avenger to impel the living to heroic stature; though the spirit often is hard pressed to acquire an appropriate vessel for deeds of daring.

Dermod's Bane - Robert E. Howard

When meagre men are hunted and tricked by evil spirits of the dead, there is an equal and opposite force of protection -- you just have to believe that you are not alone.

The Spell of the Sword - Frank Aubrey

If you have an inclination to run amok and kill randomly, a weapon with a death's head skull with emerald eyes could be appropriate.

"Williamson" - Henry S. Whitehead

Never underestimate the power of a man of dubious heritage.

The Curse of Amen-Ra - Victor Rousseau

In the days when mummies were the rage, the risk of suffering the effects of a curse reminded one that we are all mortal, especially when the ancient sleepers start getting up and walking around, given half the chance, driven by the desire to find their ancient soul-mates.


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