Volume 3 Number 4     Volume 3 Number 4

The Night and Silence - Maurice Level

Partnerships that lose a component will be challenged to survive without a replacement. The empty spot can be cavernous to those of limited senses.

Lazarus - Leonid Andreyeff

The last days of the man, miraculously raised from the dead, do not promise for the rest of us something to look forward to, though he never revealed the true secret and nature of the horror that awaits us.

Mr. Octbur - Joseph Payne Brennan

Will a prodigal son be remembered upon his return?

The Dog That Laughed - Charles Willard Diffin

When mad scientists do their thing, twisting the essentials of their subjects, you can expect that beasts lurking in dark places may want to seek vengeance.

Ah, Sweet Youth - Pauline Kappel Prilucik

If you are going to subscribe to an old woman's craft, be careful to follow her directions to the letter.

The Man Who Never Was - R. A. Lafferty

The world is filled with nearly invisible made-up people who, with a little encouragement, will simply cease to exist.

The Leaden Ring - S. Baring-Gould

Keep your attentions focused, honest and consistent, without fickleness and vanity, or your eternal match may be tethered to the grave.

The Monster of the Prophecy - Clark Ashton Smith

It always amazes how mere alien creatures of monster status can so successfully achieve interplanetary travel and perform miraculous activities worthy of the best of our legends.


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