Volume 3 Number 3     Volume 3 Number 3

The Room of Shadows - Arthur J. Burks
A story of changing perspectives, filled with howling little evils, who accompany the master and mistress in their quest for satisfying an eternal hunger and amusement.

The Flaw - J. Vernon Shea
The fear of something being there, in the night, when you're alone, can cause a manifestation to appear, quite horrifying; better to ignore it.

The Doom of London - Robert Barr
A nineteenth century prediction of doom in London from the burning of coal combined with the fog from the sea that creates a smog that will rob all Londoners of their breath. The only survivor had the luck to receive a perceptive American's invention which could produce the much needed oxygen.

The Vale of Lost Women - Robert E. Howard
The story of Livia, in the time of Conan the Cimmarion, who seeks the protection of the great warrior, only to escape a life of captivity and arrive in a new land where she becomes captured by the lost tribe of Women of the Vale, and to be placed upon a sacrificial altar, her fate in the hands of the legendary Cimmarion tracker.

The Ghoul Gallery - Hugh B. Cave
Don't let gruesome paintings be the cause of your madness. Light a fire, stoke the embers, and be done with them once and for all.

Lilies - Robert A. W. Lowndes
The priestess of the lost souls transformed into the gentle Lilies manages a crew of vegetation that you do not want to cut and wear as decoration. You will not like the sticky fluid that on the surface appears natural, yet which betrays its origins and deadly nature.


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