Volume 3 Number 2     Volume 3 Number 2

The Lair of the Star-Spawn - August Derleth & Mark Scherer

(Before Roswell opened the flood-gates of imagination, early writers of fantasy had conceived of mysterious cities derived from visitors from other star systems. They were already small, evil, and dangerous.)

The Vacant Lot - Mary Wilkins-Freeman

When the property next door has not been built upon, and you get your house beside it for an unbelievable deal, there is probably a good reason.

Proof - S. Fowler Wright

A plan to make the nation of France smarter with the aid of the guillotine to remove the stupid of the land needs to be reconsidered.

Come Now the Power - Roger Zelazny

May the force be with another, the one who delivers the power to the one who receives it.

The Moth Message - Laurence Manning

Don't look directly at the wings of butterflies lest one turn out to be a moth that will entreat you to come into the ruined remnants of an ancient civilization.

The Friendly Demon - Daniel DeFoe

Even a seemingly friendly spirit can have ulterior motives.

Dark Hollow - Emil Petaja

Hanging around fungi can lead to an explosion of spores.

An Inhabitant of Carcosa - Ambrose Bierce

The man, seeking the place, discovers his own essence.

The Monster God of Mamurth - Edmond Hamilton

Avoid mysterious places with warning icons of things that are big and hungry.


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