Volume 3 Number 1     Volume 3 Number 1

The Thing in the House - H. F. Scotten

From the Doctor's Laboratory, the created beast gets out of control, rampaging through the house, an irresistible force of death and destruction.

Almost Immortal - Austin Hall

A compelling story of a royal battle between man and Vampire, the likes of which has never been seen anywhere else.

Divine Madness - Roger Zelazny

Some of us are given a second chance to revise a pattern of disaster, but only through the experiences of others.

Valley of the Lost - Robert E. Howard

The best way to guard a lost valley and to keep it lost is with gigantic spiders and crazy psychics.

Heredity - David H. Keller

A scary tale, well-told, of the advantages of locked doors and barred windows in a house where genetic tendencies have their importance.

Dwelling of the Righteous - Anna Hunger

Furry little friends do not always remain loyal forever.


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