Volume 2 Number 6     Volume 2 Number 6

The Faceless God - Robert Bloch

When the servants are duly frightened, it is a good idea to avoid archaeological ventures.

Master Nicholas - Seabury Quinn

Those who yearn to have your essence will have it in the end, after much diligence, when you obey without thinking.

But Not the Herald - Roger Zelazny

Do not open the box that is bound by cords and not yours to open.

Dr. Muncing, Exorcist - Gordon MacCreagh

The life and times of an elemental chaser.

The Affair at 7 Rue de M- - John Steinbeck

Monsters come in many shapes and forms but few are as pathetic as a bubbling determined slime.

The Man in the Dark - Irwin Ross

Those who are disabled can seek their heart's desire as easily as any other.

The Abyss - Robert A.W. Lowndes

Don't venture near the elemental abyss where the shapeless adumbrali cavort, lest they entice you in and after they have done with you, your body is drained of all fluids and your eyes remain open in an eternal stare.

Destination (verse) - Robert E. Howard

A journey to Hell which is wholly expected.

Memories of H.P.L. (nonfiction) - Muriel E. Eddy

A snapshot of Lovecraft's birth, death, appearance and activities.

The Black Beast - Henry S. Whitehead

Of voodoo and sacrifice and big black bulls that gradually emerge from a position on the wall.


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