Volume 2 Number 5     Volume 2 Number 5

The Empty Zoo - Edward D. Hoch

When the past comes back to haunt the present, however inadequately detailed.

A Psychological Shipwreck - Ambrose Bierce

When a ship that you have embarked upon is never heard from again.

The Call of the Mech-Men - Laurence Manning

This reprint from 1933 wants us to believe that you can land a plane at the magnetic North Pole, blow a hole in the earth, reveal a door behind which tentacled machines capture and hold animals (including mammoth and man). It predicts mental telepathy by aliens, "atomic power", and an evil Star Trek race, the main mech-man called "Nine".

Was It a Dream? - Guy de Maupassant

Death does not always hide the truth about one's existence and behavior, but after death we become accountable.

Under the Hau Tree - Katherine Yates

Vacations can be delayed, even beyond the normal, but eventually we engage in activities our hearts desire.

Rattle of Bones - Robert E. Howard

Be careful when you chain your greatest foe, even if he be gnawed by time to his basics.

The Head of Du Bois - Dorothy Norman Cooke

Authors who require a capital sacrifice.

The Dweller in the Dark Valley (verse) - Robert E. Howard

"You who were born in Dark Valley, beware the Valley's lord!"

The Devil's Pool - Greye La Spina

A gathering of lycanthropes can take a dramatic turn when exposed to a sacred wafer.


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