Volume 2 Number 4     Volume 2 Number 4

The Girl at Heddons's - Pauline Kappel Prilucik

Would that she wood not be.

The Torture of Hope - Villiers de L'Isle-Adam

A great torment comes at the heels of expected salvation.

The Cloth of Madness - Seabury Quinn

Adapt an antique artifact of dubious reputation and you will reap the rewards of your scheme for vengeance and justice.

The Tree - Gerald W. Page

Out of the night sky a crater appears, a tree transforms and the bodies pile up.

In the Court of the Dragon - Robert W. Chambers

Through the atmosphere of the King In Yellow, the follower stares with hatred and then relentlessly pursues his target.

Placide's Wife - Kirk Mashburn

When matrimony fails, a woman's fate can become unforgettable.

Come Closer - Joanna Russ

Children should never be allowed to wander around strange neighborhoods by themselves.

The Plague of the Living Dead - A. Hyatt Verrill

Sometimes, when immortal entities who have been vivisected, combine to unite disparate parts, one can witness a set of arms and legs along with a head, all recombined, scuttling rapidly along upon some unknown agenda.


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