Volume 2 Number 3     Volume 2 Number 3

The Night Wire - H.F. Arnold

This story precedes the Orson Wells hoax, so perhaps it served as a pattern for evoking fears dependant on media reports.

Sacrilege - Wallace West

When we die, our status depends on our worldly actions, and if Purgatory is in order, then a change in status can always be effected by our continuing efforts.

All the Stain of Long Delight - Jerome Clark

A glimpse of Purgatory.

Skulls in the Stars - Robert E. Howard

Vengeance comes in many forms, sometimes as a horror that out of pure hatred can destroy innocent and unwary travellers.

The Photographs - Richard Marsh

Check your photographic portraits carefully, especially when you're putting in time.

The Distortion out of Space - Francis Flagg

Beware the path of meteors that can cause you to lose yourself in a void.

Guarantee Period - William M. Danner

A hot air leak, perhaps, or maybe a suggestion that The Maker is not as infallible as we have been lead to believe.

The Door in the Wall - H.G. Wells

Opportunities come when you least expect them, and being unprepared, you usually pass by with regret, but one final opportunity can sometimes appear for a man whose life has been full and fruitful.

The Three Low Masses - Alphonse Daudet

Any one of the seven deadly sins can lead to a seeming eternity of penance, especially if you belong to a church which is linked to the Hereafter.

The Whistling Room - William Hope Hodgson

Do not whistle The Song of Foolishness in any old castle late at night or you may be outdone by one you cannot see.


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