Volume 2 Number 2     Volume 2 Number 2

Vol 2 No. 2

The Black laugh - William J. Makin

Sometimes there is nothing more unnerving than an incessant high-pitched laugh.

The Hand of Glory (verse) - R.H.D. Barham

"And murderers there
Are dangling in air,
By one! by two! -- by three!"

The Garrison - David Grinnell

Do ancient archaeological entities inhabit the depths beneath civilized Manhattan?

Passeur - Robert W. Chambers

Short journeys in skiffs that require polesmen are not to be regarded casually.

Orpheus's Brother - John Brunner

The best defense against an armed and angry intruder could be swift and clawed.

Cassilda's Song (verse) - Robert W. Chambers

"Strange is the night where black stars rise
And strange moons circle through the skies,
But stranger still is
Lost Carcosa"

The Lady of the Velvet Collar - Washington Irving

Another story that has appeared from time-to-time, this one probably the first, (being published in 1824), about a lady who wears velvet ornamentation to disguise a gruesome secret.

Jack - Reynold Junker

Determined couples who would have a child will have their child no matter what it takes.

The Burglar-Proof Vault - Oliver Taylor

The furtive come in many shapes and sizes.

The Dead Who Walk - Ray Cummings

Usually the dead have achieved their permanent state for very good reasons, but when the deaths occur prematurely, there can be unknown agents seeking to reanimate the shells for their own designs.


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