Volume 2 Number 1     Volume 2 Number 1

Vol 2 No. 1

The Thing from -- Outside - George Allan England

Something unseen stumbles around the wilds of Canada whacking a few explorers, while leaving lots of ice-filled prints, warning us all of an Alien threat (long before Orson Wells and Roswell impacted our minds).

Black Thing at Midnight - Joseph Payne Brennan

Janitors must be especially careful when a location with a history of missing people encounters sudden thudding sounds at midnight.

The Shadows on the Wall - Mary Wilkins-Freeman

A good way to avoid horrible shadows on the wall is not to light any lamps, especially after loved ones have passed away unexpectedly.

The Phantom Farmhouse - Seabury Quinn

When the locals refuse to acknowledge phantom habitats, it's a good idea not to go knocking at doors to places that don't exist, which are inhabited by a seemingly hungry family with inhuman features.

The Oblong Box - Edgar Allan Poe

One should always be suspicious of suggestive containers. The ill-fortune they can impart to voyagers on any vessel is inevitable.

A Way with Kids - Ed M. Clinton

When it is realized that 'Children should be seen and not heard' becomes a reality through chemical advances, then the gap widens between the young and old.

The Devil of the Marsh - E.B. Marriott-Watson

If you insist on a rendezvous in a creepy marsh, don't expect the object of your affection to readily and willingly disengage from its surroundings.

The Shuttered Room - H.P. Lovecraft & August Derleth

The eating habits of leathery-skinned creatures that are neither frog nor man, leave much to be improved upon.


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