Volume 1 Number 6     Volume 1 Number 6

Vol 1 No. 6

Caverns of Horror - Laurence Manning

When monsters that are reminiscent of dragons and demons haunt the underground, they occasionally find a means to interact with curious explorers from the surface.

Prodigy - Walt Liebscher

Youth does not always go hand-in-hand with innocence nor require protection from its elders.

The Mask - Robert W. Chambers

Very little is permanent, if we only wait awhile and seek to look beneath the surface of the mask.

The Life and Death of Mr. Thaddeus Warde - Robert Barbour Johnson

It is said that it is hard to keep a good man down. In the case of those with less than ironman constitutions, there is hope when the Grim Reaper decides that it is time.

The Feminine Fraction - David Grinnell

In the days when male-female separation was considered absolute.

Dr. Heideggers's Experiment - Nathaniel Hawthorne

Youth is truly wasted on the young, for those who merit a reminder of their early manifestation can never go back, nor should they wish to.

The Pacer - August Derleth

It is better not to disturb a restless spirit who engages in repetitive behavior lest a door open and a shape descend.

The Moth - H.G. Wells

A bug to truly bug a scientist, when no one else can see it, will keep that scientist company all the way into a padded cell.

The Door to Saturn - Clark Ashton Smith

"The armored monster that he and Morghi had driven before them so valiantly was, he learned, a domestic beast of burden that had strayed away from its owners amid the mineral vegetation of the desert lands adjoining Vhlorrh, the chief town of the Bhlemphroims."


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