Volume 1 Number 5     Volume 1 Number 5

Vol 1 No. 5

Cassius - Henry S. Whitehead

The trouble with diminished parasitical twins is not that they must be surgically removed, but that given an impetus to survive, they can often torment their bigger host until a furred savior comes along.

Love at First Sight - J.L. Miller

When potions belong to the physics of the Universe, one can fairly easily predict the results of drinking anything.

Five-Year Contract - J. Vernon Shea

In any contract with the Devil, there is always the fine print. Too bad the Unholy Master's representative did not anticipate what most readers will.

The House of the Worm - Merle Prout

"In even these massive trunks the worms crawled -- and ate. It was a forest of death ... Mighty is our Lord, the Worm. Mightier than all the kings of heaven and of earth is the Worm."

The Beautiful Suit - H.G. Wells

How to wear a suit of clothes for one final maximum effect.

A Stranger Came to Reap - Stephen Dentinger

A soldier comes to a simple farmstead, but loses control and must be dealt with.

The Morning the Birds Forgot to Sing - Walt Liebscher

The Grim Reaper wanders the land knocking off our little feathered friends as if he's got nothing better to do. Though we know this is just a side-hobby to his regular agenda.

Bones - Donald A. Wolheim

Bringing ancient corpses back to life is not as easy as it might sound, for there is usually an unanticipated technical issue.

The Ghostly Rental - Henry James

Not every authenticated goblin is an apparition, but as we age and our missions evolve, we are destined to stumble into the realm of ancient dramas, during which we should aspire to be respectful of the tragedies of others.


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