Volume 1 Number 4     Volume 1 Number 4

Vol 1 No. 4

Beyond the Breakers - Anna Hunger

When your lover's best friends are a sea-lion and a great white, it is wise to think twice before a moonlit date.

What was it? - Fitz-James O'Brien

Creatures without visible means of support cannot be expected to survive for long, especially when you bind them up, and fail to provide appropriate sustenance.

Last Act: October - Tigrina

Old curses never die as assuredly as those accursed will expire.

A Psychological Experiment - Richard Marsh

Unusual-looking boxes are only breached at your own risk.

A Dream of Falling - Attila Hatvany

The most perilous dream is the one that isn't.

The Truth About Pyecraft - H.G. Wells

Size and weight have never been interchangeable; just ask any dirigible.

The Mark of the Beast - Rudyard Kipling

Be wary when a faceless Silver Man leaps toward you, wanting an embrace, while mewing incessantly.

The Dreams in the Witch-House - H.P. Lovecraft

In the creeping world of faint footfalls where strange shapes manifest out of nowhere, appears a furry, sharp-fanged, nuzzling thing with a horribly anthropoid forepaw. Dont' expect anyone to thoroughly understand its remains, or decide what its relationship to you has been.


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