Volume 1 Number 3     Volume 1 Number 3 Vol 1 No. 3

The Seeds of Death - David H. Keller

Even a master of the shell game can confront considerable danger when life and death are contained within innocuous little red seeds.

The Seeking Thing - Janet Hirsch

Things that go bump in the middle of the road cannot always easily be forgotten especially when they have a homing instinct and a concern for family reunion.

A Vision of Judgement - H.G. Wells

Given a vision, a second chance is inevitable.

The Place of the Pythons - Arthur J. Burks

Deep in the jungle of jabbering Tagalogs, there is a place where serpents gather. [Married to a Zamboanganian, the reader knows how much jabbering can manifest in such gatherings.]

Jean Bouchon - S. Baring-Gould

Sometimes we honor those who fall from grace by very different means.

The Door - Rachel Cosgrove Payes

Don't volunteer to tamper with doorways that lead to nowhere.

One Summer Night - Ambrose Bierce

When the dead do not wish to remain so, there is a simple remedy - insist.

Luella Miller - Mary Wilkins-Freeman

Delicate ladies who are served by their admirers until they exhaust themselves all the way into their graves can always be counted upon to survive for abnormally long durations.

They That Wait - H.S.W. Chibbett

It seems they inhabit that nearby dimension which can barely be perceived through the surface of the walls. They have the power to interact in a manner that can be most disturbing.

The Repairer of Reputations - Robert W. Chambers

When one aspires to Royalty, it helps to seek assistance from eccentric little men with waxen ears; just make certain they command obedience from their purring subordinates.


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