Volume 1 Number 2     Volume 1 Number 2 Vol 1 No. 2

The Space-Eaters - Frank Belknap Long

When something older than the Earth descends from space, it can develop a taste for human brains, bringing fear and torment to those who stray from the safety of their homes at night.

The Faceless Thing - Edward D. Hoch

The old man returns to the scene of the confrontation, but even monsters can grow old as time goes by.

[And old writers sometimes return to the scene of the reading, to remember sketchy details of an impressive tale.]

The Red Room - H.G. Wells

The one who challenges fear often discovers that the enclosing darkness is the only source and requires no ghost or phantom to come along for the ride.

Hungary's Female Vampire - Dean Lipton

The tale of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a servant girl's worst nightmare.

A Tough Tussle - Ambrose Bierce

Sometimes the antagonist we perceive to be creeping up upon our refuge has only a power derived from death which can become the threat of nothing more sinister than our own imagined fears.

Doorslammer - Donald A. Wolheim

The tale of a young woman who could not let herself remain unnoticed before or after she had left this earth.

The Electric Chair - George Waight

Faced with alternatives, equally terrifying, we inevitably choose our worst fear and least hope of salvation.

The Other One - Jerryl L. Keane

In times of danger, we can sometimes expect salvation from an unexpected inner source.

The Charmer - Archie Binns

The nature of man is the tendency to allow himself to be seduced by an attractive stranger. If the stranger is an expert at the conquest of men, she shows her credentials by her smoothe presentation.

Clarissa - Robert A.W. Lowndes

When a loved one departs, she is never completely gone.

The Strange Ride of Morrowbie Jukes - Rudyard Kipling

There is more than one way to escape the craterous Village of the Dead.


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