Volume 1 Number 1     Volume 1 Number 1

Vol 1 No. 1

The Man with a Thousand Legs - Frank Belknap Long

The tale of a young man turned into a wer-jellyfish and his ultimate demise into a sticky mess.

A Thing of Beauty - Wallace West

John Short, janitor, whose duties include heating the establishment, and maintaining a Medical collection of corpses in a brine chamber, accidentally falls in love with one of the specimens.

The Yellow Sign - Robert W. Chambers

Take note when you perceive the signs which generate dreams. Do not take up and casually read any dubious books, or your worst dreams may come true.

The Maze and the Monster - Edward D. Hoch

Life is filled with choices, sometimes casting us into mazes which terminate in one of two opposing manners, often indistinguishable until it is too late.

The Death of Halpin Frayser - Ambrose Bierce

When you go gunning in the woods, beware a low deliberate soulless laugh, and what you might encounter, for it could be your last remembrance.

Babylon: 70 M. - Donald A. Wolheim

The fairytale journey to Babylon might well be everyman's journey from Babyland.

The Inexperienced Ghost - H.G. Wells

When one tries to help even the helpless to learn to become what they already are, perhaps unsuccessfully, one runs the risk of achieving success beyond one's expectations.

The Unbeliever - Robert Silverberg

All demons that pass through the earthly plane do not necessarily originate from congenital lands of sulfur and brimstone.

Fidel Bassin - W.J. Stamper

Don't be mean to the suffering masses or you might wind up lashed to a rotting corpse.

The Last Dawn - Frank Lillie Pollock

When the star we always knew should be there brings more than gently warming rays to the skies.

The Undying Head - Mark Twain

An Indian sister cuts off her brother's head at his request, commencing a tale of fortune and misfortune, among the legends of aboriginal Gods and magic.


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