Volume 2 Number 3     Volume 2 Number 3

The Forgotten Planet - Sewell Peaslee Wright

A recollection of the history of a forgotten planet, populated by short, unfriendly, suspicious people, though intelligent. Proving forever hostile, the planet is bypassed and people are not informed of the menace.

Forgotten Master of Fantasy (feature) - Richard A. Lupoff

On John Kendrick Bangs, born 1862, died 1922, a celebrity in his day, credited with about 80 books, his most famous being "A Houseboat on the Styx" and "Over the Plum Pudding".

A Glance Ahead - John Kendrick Bangs

When Dawson woke up on Christmas morning, he found he had no body on (though he did own almost half a dozen). He had gone to bed in 1898 but just woke up in 3568, and eventually learned of the history of the intervening years, changes that had occurred, which he apparently had forgotten. Some notable changes included: the eastern hemisphere was now Europe, the western hemisphere was now the United States, children had been abolished, but that was mainly because people no longer died.

Space Storm - Harl Vincent

When navigating and surviving a space storms appears much like navigating and surviving a storm at sea, including the risk of mutiny.

The Borders of Science Fiction (editorial) - Robert A.W. Lowndes

As essay by the editor in which he notes that the science fiction readers, so despised in the 1930s, have become respectable, their reading matter now recognized.

Death From the Stars - A. Rowley Hilliard

A story of death: "Life is a disease ... which afflicts the Earth ... And you and I are crawling, writhing maggots of its decay," so says his friend, as things now disintegrate around them.

First Fandom (feature) - Robert A. Madle

The second article on "those who honor the great men of science fiction."

The Derelict of Space - Ray Cummings

The discovery of an abandoned artifact of space, intelligently-crafted, which soon proves to be a Ship of Doom, now populated by corpses, who basically ran out of air and froze.


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