Volume 2 Number 2     Volume 2 Number 2

Dark Moon - Charles Willard Diffin

A 1930s future story, which takes place in 1973, when New York City is covered in flat-roofed buildings that allow the many kinds of flying crafts to land and park. A dark moon approaches the earth, disrupting it with a shudder, and eventually we are treated to a visit to the heavenly body where a variety of fauna include a Bug-eyed-monster, or something almost its equal.

Art or Artiness (feature editorial) - Lester del Rey

A speech delivered to a 1967 Science Fiction Convention by guest editor and author, lester del Rey, on the subject of stories of delight versus stories of significance.

The Eld - Miriam Allen deFord

The Eld of each province who is chosen at birth or even slightly before is required not to die before his successor is chosen, in order to pass on and authorize all works of art and learning. This time, he died too soon, having committed suicide, but had made the fortunate arrangement for a girl friend to be pregnant with the province's next potential successor.

The Eternal Man - D.D. Sharp

The self-styled scientist, with his formidable array of test tubes and other laboratory paraphernalia, has for many years sought to understand and master immortality, and soon he is making some progress. Experiments on a rat proved successful, though it appeared quite paralyzed, until the final ingredient was discovered. But then there was an accident and the scientist himself, followed in the footsteps of the rat.

The Maiden's Sacrifice - Edward D. Hoch

A suggestion of alternate motive for the Aztecs and their sacrificial habits that may not be what we originally suspected of them.

First Fandom (non-fiction feature) - Robert A. Madle

(Some historical notes on science fiction fans and their desire to organize and socialize.)

Why the Heavens Fell - Epaminondas T. Snooks, D.T.G.

A tongue-in-cheek story of a mad scientist and his influence on the world until the final downfall of a nation.

(The author was C.P. Mason, an associate editor of Gernsback Publications, Wonder Stories. The D.T.G. means "Don't Tell Gensback.")


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