Volume 2 Number 1     Volume 2 Number 1

Men of the Dark Comet - Festus Pragnell

The premise is that the orbit of a transient body (a dark comet) intersects our own solar system, and in so doing "altered the whole destiny of Earth, of Mars, and of every living race." [This curious 1930's premise parallels, though accidentally, the theory of Zachariah Stitchin, who suggested that ancient astronauts were responsible for engineering the races of Earth, and that they originated from a world which had a large orbit that intersects Earth's orbit every 3,600 years.]

(On the Cover) - The Cover of This Issue

[This is not a story but an article on the Cover image which shows a space station that first appeared in the Aug 1929 issue of Science Wonder Stories. It was the first time that a science fiction magazine depicted a space station. It is significant nowadays for the commonplace reality of our current International Space Station, the 11th one ever launched.]

The Elixir - Laurence Manning

The 5th and final episode in the story of a man who journeyed through time by means of suspended animation, to finally reach 25,000 A.D. He awakens to discover that in this new age, man has finally conquered immortality.

Why Bother With Criticism (editorial) - Robert A.W. Lowndes

The current subject for the editor to discuss with the readers of this issue.

Away From the Daily Grind - Gerald W. Page

A man wishes to disappear completely, since he his not happy with his current existence, from his wife to his co-workers. His desire to begin a new life is to be satisfied by a secret company, but we are left anticipating his ultimate destiny, which is resolved in a manner reminiscent of the 1950s Twilight Zone television series.

The Fires Die Down - Robert Silverberg

It was a new and livable planet, ready for colonization, so the wattle-necked aliens prepared to settle here, and were greeted warmly and unexpectedly, by distant-future inhabitants of Earth. The only problem was that the Earthmen left their new visitors with a casual but dire prediction of their own future destiny.

Not By Its Cover - Philip K. Dick

The publishing house encountered an unexpected error in the most recent print-run. The error appeared to have come from the cover itself, a valuable item called wub-fur which originates from the Martian wub creature. Since the cover adjusts the contents of every edition for which it is chosen, in a manner demonstrating intelligent design, some choose to experiment with the material on more significant books and other items.


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