Volume 1 Number 6     Volume 1 Number 6

Science Fiction As Delight (part 3-editorial) - Robert A.W. Lowndes Continuation of his ongoing editorial on the delight aspects of science fiction: invention, characterization, richness, and reward.

The Hell Planet - Leslie F. Stone

The return journey to Vulcan, the theorized planet between the Sun and Mercury where a rare insulator metal can be mined, an impossible, but well-written 1930s tale.

The Dragon-Kings (verse) - L. Sprague de Camp

The durability of the dinosaurs compared with the potential for the hairless apes (us) to survive the ages.

The Individualists - Laurence Manning

The fourth of five in the series of a man who travels through time by suspended animation, this time awakening in 20,000 A.D. to a new and curious social structure.

More Than One Way - Burt K. Filer

The machine could adjust evolutionary possibilities, try them out, enabling the viewers to see which would die and which would survive, all designed to overcome an otherwise superior alien species that had manifested and overwhelmed the Earth.

The Invulnerable Scourge - John Scott Campbell

His specialty was bugs and his interest was the balance of Nature, so for theoretical reasons, in a discussion with a professor colleague, he bred a super bug that had both superior offensive and defensive capabilities. Unfortunately, but predictably, there was an accident, which it took some time to correct.


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