Volume 1 Number 5     Volume 1 Number 5

Science Fiction As Delight (part 2-editorial) - Robert A.W. Lowndes

The editor resumes his discussion of science fiction, emphasizing the aspects that can delight the reader.

The Pygmy Planet - Jack Williamson

It was a desperate interrupted phone call that allowed our adventure-seeking hero to deduce its origin. He arrived to find the elvish girl fearing the return of a creature from the miniaturized planet, a private science creation of her employer. Together, they journeyed to the planet where they encountered the antagonistic tentacled machine creatures.

Destroyers - Greg D. Bear

After interviewing licensed destroyers of specific creeds, the writer applied for his own license to destroy, in this case, the ones he personally disliked.

The City of Sleep - Laurence Manning

The continuing saga (3rd in a series of 5) of a man who travels through time, one-way only, by means of suspended animation. In this time period, 10,000 A.D. the people mostly just sleep and dream.

Echo - William F. Temple

The opposing Venusian and Terrestrial bodies, where the 3-month old Echo gets to become and experience a real man on Earth, learning his appearance, experiences, and exhibiting his mannerisms.

Plane People - Wallace West

It appeared like a giant comet, heading for the earth, but was flat. They soon discovered, when it appeared as if something had happened to the moon, that they were now aboard this celestial object, and were in fact observing the Earth as it took them away from their home planet. It was inhabited and would cause them grief, but there was always the hope they might build transportation to return one day.


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