Volume 1 Number 4     Volume 1 Number 4

Standards in Science Fiction (editorial) - Robert A.W. Lowndes

The editor discusses the delight aspect of writing in which he identifies some of its elements: suspense, characterization, surprise, richness, and reward.

Master of the Brain (The Man Who Awoke) - Laurence Manning A man travels 3000 years into the future, not by time machine, but by suspended animation, and so we see in this second of a series stories, a 1930s vision of the future, suggesting slow progress and a Big Brain.

--Do Not Fold or Mutilate-- - William M. Danner

It's never a good idea to protest the powers that be, because after all, they are powerful and can often commit unexpected actions when confronted by complainers.

The Last Shrine - Chester D. Cuthbert

A nondescript mountain valley had its legends about the inhabitants and their belief in a shrine, recorded on an ancient parchment.

The Times We Had - Edward D. Hoch

The investigative reporter was not as impressed with Turk's stories of his wonderful times spent on the moon, and his trips to Mars, stories which impressed his adoring family, but it didn't matter, for soon after interviewing the returning spaceman, the writer had an unexpected appointment with a limousine.

Master of the Octopus - Edward Olin Weeks

The invention of a perpetual lamp gave him the appointment he wanted with the President of a company who initially showed interest in its manufacture.

The City of Spiders - H. Warner Munn

The traveler told his tale of visiting South America, a land often crawling with miniature slaves, masters, workers and idlers. In that land he encountered a man-eating giant spider, and was soon beset by them. Ultimately he became a captive and lived in reverence and fear of its giant King.


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