Volume 1 Number 3     Volume 1 Number 3

Science Fiction as Propaganda (Editorial) - Robert A.W. Lowndes

(A long commentary by the editor who reflects on propaganda and instruction as they are touched on by science fiction, probably a result of the tendency of science fiction in its freedom to take any subject to its imaginative extreme.)

Beyond the Singing Flame - Clark Ashton Smith

A return to the 1930s imaginary exotic city.

A Single Rose - Jon DeCles

The manufactured unicorn helps the hero to understand the temporal dimensions of a perfect rose.

Disowned - Victor Endersby

The effect of ball lightening beneath a tree during an electrical storm had an upside down effect on one man, robbing him of his customary property of gravity, but his friends and family accommodated the phenomenon, though the danger to his existence persisted, as he was to ultimately discover.

The Last American - J.A. Mitchell

An 1893 story that explores the possibility of the decline of the USA until the nation ceases to exist by the year 1990. (A precursor to Planet of the Apes though for other reasons and to other effect, but giving the reader a chance to see remnants of the nation that might have existed in the 1890s).

The Man Who Awoke - Laurence Manning

A man experiments with hibernation, his eventual return leaving the new world inhabitants and himself both amazed and unable to reconcile one another.


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