Volume 1 Number 2     Volume 1 Number 2

The Moon Menace - Edmond Hamilton

Despite the sun, despite raging fires, the earth was plunged into an unnatural darkness, a result of the Moon Experiment.

Dust - Wallace West

The end of the world was imminent, all because of an unidentified grit, coating the land, but there was hope for some if they could only swim like the fishes.

The White City - David H. Keller, M.D.

One day it began to snow, and never stopped, but only New York City experienced the phenomenon; some survived to talk about it.

Rimghost - A. Bertram Chandler

Dog brains, psionic operators, and interstellar ships all cavorted on the galactic rim.

Seeds From Space - Laurence Manning

When the seeds came out of the sky, it wasn't long before the creatures appeared, eager to learn the language and read our books. Though merely talking vegetables, they were still evolved enough to demonstrate a form of mobility.


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