Volume 1 Number 1     Volume 1 Number 1

The Girl in the Golden Atom - Ray Cummings

An investigation into the very small may lead to hidden worlds beyond our normal perception, populated by creatures much like ourselves.

The City of Singing Flame - Clark Ashton Smith

The seemingly barren crater disguised an opening to another dimension, leading to a vast wilderness and forest, inhabited by man-made formations and strange creatures, winged entities who dwelt among the singing flames.

Voice of Atlantis - Laurence Manning

The random collection of wires and magnets allowed him to experiment and create a helmet by which he encountered a being from the ancient past, an inhabitant of lost Atlantis, allowing them to compare the distance of the moon to Earth, as well as an evaluation of each other's science and society.

The Plague - George H. Smith

The overpopulation of the planet many years into the future has resulted in a unique method of control that may not appeal to the general populace, but appears to be more than necessary and functioning in the manner in which it was intended.

The Question - J. Hunter Holly

The visitor may not permit the humans to enter space because of their warring nature. It all depends upon the children and how, they of the future, are being educated, including and especially their toys.


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