Volume 1 Number 2     Volume 1 Number 2

The Nemesis of Fire - Algernon Blackwood

With the Manor House and plantation as destination, and a psychometrist's sense of warmth from the letter, the investigators arrive at a land that is ancient, with great stars witnessed lying on the ground, and a mysterious hair like asbestos. Certainly, we feel things are about to heat up amidst an atmosphere of hauntings.

My Favorite Murder - Ambrose Bierce

When chance would have one change his religion to a pattern that promotes robbery and murder, one finds it necessary to despatch a lying, cheating uncle by means of a sack and a pugilistic beast.

The Holiness of Azederac - Clark Ashton Smith

The powerful, by vial, must subjugate the holy man, to remove him to a "realm wherein his monkish tattlings will be of small consequence." Only a red philtre can save the Brother.

The Ashley Premiere - Eddy C. Bertin

The well-known actor appears inebriated, but after the final curtain call, they learn the reality of his expert portrayal of a sick man, for he has the unstoppable spirit of one who can oppose physics to ensure that the show must go on.

Cacillia - Reinsmith

Don't lose your knife when you are killing Gargons or your stern mistress in her filmy white gown will punish you. Waking to reality is not an acceptable escape from your ten-thousand fold task.

The Woman in Gray - Walker G. Everett

He thought he was inventing her, this Gray Angel of doom, but she developed a life of her own, able to enact his casual demands. At last, his fortunes degraded, and she had one final duty to conclude all matters and affairs.


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