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The Great Circle - Henry S. Whitehead

Having taken off for Belize, they have landed in a clearing, a mysterious circle, and after suffering an intense gust, a coat is sucked into the trees, and soon after a member of the party ascends to retrieve it. He never reappears and they suspect the spot to be a theater of very ancient evil.

The Doom that Came to Sarnath - H.P. Lovecraft

About a people odd and ugly, as green as the lake with bulging eyes, flabby lips and curious ears, as a result of which the men of Sarnath slew them, setting into motion events that would ultimately seal their own destruction.

Never Bet the Devil Your Head - Edgar Allan Poe

When a man has been brought up questionably, beaten from the left rather than from the right, one is tempted to "awaken him to a sense of his situation." In the end there is usually no hope, and decapitation can be inevitable. Despite all efforts otherwise, the solution is usually final.

A Taste of Rain and Darkness - Eddy C. Bertin

It's dark, it's raining, it happens year after year, and here she comes again, giving him a chance to witness his crime. He cannot forget, he cannot escape, and he can never avoid the annual November 7th horror.

The "V" Force - Fred C. Smale

The ancient bar is not magnetic, shines in the dark, terrifies and sometimes destroys animals. What would you expect, having been acquired from a crushed priest? It has the vital force, whatever that is, and try as they might, no one can understand it.


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