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Emile Galle

Emile Galle, glass artist, was born in France in 1846, at a time when the world of technology and science was rapidly advancing. Emile learned his trade in his father's factory, which specialized in glass and ceramics. He brought to the industry the modern influence of current science where advances were being made in botany, chemistry, and entomology. A widely-travelled student, Galle was impressed by the enameling styles that he witnessed in the museums of London. In 1873, he established his own company where he could experiment with classical and innovative enameling techniques. It wasn't until he viewed the international efforts on show at the Paris 1878 Exposition, where he encountered the cameo glass of Englishmen Locke and Northwood. Drawing upon his chemistry background and his love of the outdoors, he transposed the artistry of cameo glass to his productions, and was further influenced by the marquetry designs in the parallel art of furniture making. 

In 1889, Emile took his artistic efforts to the International Exhibition in Paris where they immediately caused a sensation. As Art Nouveau aesthetics and nature took hold, Emile Galle was at the forefront of glass design. In 1894, after he built his own manufacturing plant, he was able to produce his own conceptions and watch them evolve through to the final product. He employed a team of craftsmen and designers and was present to oversee the productions of his innovative techniques and artistry. Movements inspired by Emile Galle commenced during the period of Art Nouveau and extended up to the modern art of the Domai Gallery. 


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