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Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is a popular Japanese Animation that started out as a comic by creator Hiromu Arakawa, published as a manga by Gangan Comics (Japan) in July 2001. The monthly serial was set during an imaginary period of time that combined 20th century Europe (militarism) and 14th Century Europe. The result is we have a combination of machine guns, spears, knives, and alchemy. The characters include Edward Elric, a short youth who has had bionic replacements for an arm and a leg because of an alchemical experiment gone awry, Alphonse Elric, his younger brother, whose spirit is contained in a gigantic suit of armor, a variety of soldiers, a young childhood friend of the boys, Winry Rockbell, and a set of creatures called Homunculi who are seeking human manifestation. Everybody is looking for the Philosopher's Stone, in order to augment their powers which are limited by individual skills, symbols, and substances. (Not much different than normal life on planet earth as we know it).

Costumes are available for the loyal cosplay fans that extend the usual range of the desperate, the dangerous, and the developing.  Figurines run the gamut from the cuteness of the potty-mouthed South Park kids to the maturing Winry Rockbell.  The motives and storylines are complex, as expected, and are fully furnished with a host of commercial paraphernalia starting with the cards, the figurines, the DVDs, the watches, and the posters, all of which can be found on online auctions or through toy stores. 





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