Egyptian Art

Ancient art from antique Egypt is still as popular and romantic as the early twentieth century when the greatest finds were being made. Discoveries in the Valley of the Kings throughout the early years of the last century guaranteed their high standing in the hearts of collectors. But the nation shut its door to many collectors and scientists to prevent the pillaging of history. Newer discoveries wound up in museums. You can still find items like scarabs and papyrus and accessories from ancient tombs if you persevere. You can hunt for an Egypt map, pictures of Egyptian mummies, ancient Egypt pictures, and Egyptian pyramids pictures. 

The popularity of the ancient land is astounding despite Biblical and Hollywood images that paint the ancient Egyptians as the villains. We can still visualize Yul Brynner and his guards thundering in their chariots after Charlton Heston, as they head towards a disastrous defeat at the Red Sea. It is likely that styles are acceptable today, including the penchant for using wigs and the elegance of the art. Even the history is interwoven with ancient Rome (from Julius Ceasar to Mark Antony) which we consider a link to modern day culture. We are fascinated with the power and beauty of Cleopatra, as much as the political intrigues. 

On more specific items you may find pictures of the goddess Isis, pictures of the eye of Horus, and Horus pictures in general. These are for the knowledgeable students, but even the general populace can equally discover copies of ancient Egypt maps, pictures of Egypt, information on ancient Egypt pyramids that you might not find anywhere else, the history of ancient Egyptian gods along with Egyptian god pictures, and clues to ancient Egypt history, even the history of Isis Osiris Horus, the major players in the mythology of ancient Egypt. For fashion students, look for ancient Egyptian clothing pictures, but for those of you who want to own a piece of history, you may find examples of ancient Egyptian clay pottery. 

Since the discovery that Egyptian mummies had hair colored other than black, which was the usual color of their wigs, we now know that many mummies had red hair, among them Tutankhamun and his grandmother Tiye.


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